Image 6

Discover the raw beauty of urban decay with this striking photograph by Nicolas Pluquet. Featuring a symmetrical view of an abandoned structure, this image highlights the textures and intricate design of the architecture, making it a compelling addition to any art collection.



Product Info

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of urban exploration with this powerful photograph by Nicolas Pluquet. Titled "Abandoned Symmetry," this image presents a dramatic symmetrical view of an abandoned structure, showcasing the intricate design and textures of decaying architecture. The photograph captures the haunting beauty of urban decay, emphasizing the interplay of light and shadow that brings out the details of the weathered concrete. Pluquet's masterful composition invites viewers to appreciate the art found in forgotten places. This piece is perfect for those looking to add a unique and thought-provoking work of art to their collection.

Additional information

Photographer: Nicolas Pluquet
Dimensions: Available in various sizes
Material: High-quality photographic paper or canvas
Frame: Optional framing available
Shipping: Worldwide shipping available
Care Instructions: Handle with care, avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading


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