Manoir colimaçon 1

Nicolas Pluquet’s photograph captures the mesmerizing spiral staircase of the Manoir Colimaçon, showcasing its intricate design and unique lighting, making it a captivating piece of art for any space.


Product Info

Immerse yourself in the architectural beauty of Nicolas Pluquet's "Manoir Colimaçon." This stunning photograph features the captivating spiral staircase of the Manoir Colimaçon, highlighting its intricate design and the play of light and shadows. The image draws the viewer's eye upwards, following the spiral of the stairs, creating a sense of movement and depth. The unique perspective and the soft, warm lighting add an artistic touch to the photograph, making it a perfect addition to any art lover's collection. Ideal for home or office decor, this photograph brings a touch of elegance and mystery, evoking the charm of historic architecture. Available in various sizes and framing options to suit your style.

Additional information

Photographer: Nicolas Pluquet
Dimensions: Available in various sizes
Material: High-quality photographic paper or canvas
Frame: Optional framing available
Shipping: Worldwide shipping available
Care Instructions: Handle with care, avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading


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